Music Lessons

Private lesson Instruction Available

Flute Oboe
Clarinet Saxophone
Trumpet French Horn
Trombone Guitar
Bass Piano
Voice Violin/Viola
Percussion Drum Set

Jazz Improvisation (All Instruments)

Private Lesson Rates Dependent on Teacher and Ability Level

Murphy's instruction personnel are some of the best professional musicians in Western Pennsylvania. Our Teachers have appeared with Maynard Freguson, River City Brass Band, The Temptations, Harry Connick Jr., The Balcony Big Band and many other artists!!!

Group Instructional Opportunities

Rock Groups
Group Instrument Lessons
Jazz Improvisation Master Classes
Chamber Music Groups
Jazz Combos

Murphy's Summer Jazz Program

Jazz Improvisation
Big Band
Jazz History
Guided Listening
Combo Groups

Current Instructors

Martha Capone
Joe Scheller
Sharlotte DeVere
Sara Tamburro
Joe Scheller
Rick Matt
Michael Coumos
Joe Scheller
Joe Perrino
Nate Insko
Karl Priore
Bob Riddle
French Horn
Dave Piecka
Dan Dicocco
Bob Riddle
Joe Perrino
Tony Buccicone
Jeff DeFalco
Pat Diven
Dave Traugh
Joyce Rosenbauer
Michael Busija
Dale Johnson
Melinda Plowman
Pat Diven
Michael Busija
Joyce Rosenbauer
(Concert & Marching)

Logan Orange
Charlie Hough
(Concert & Drum Set)
John Schmidt
Logan Orange
Keith Munda

Lessons  - Click the button to email for more info on our lesson programs. Please provide your contact info, instrument, and years of experience. We will contact you right away. You may also call us at 724-842-8671 during regular business hours.